Monday, 13 May 2013

Newsletter May 2013

Welcome to the new St. Luke's Newsletter. We will be publishing on a monthly basis, introducing you to recently completed projects as well as those currently in progress, and other news from us and related subjects.

After working in the heritage sector and top architects and designers for 30 years we are starting to sell fire surrounds in outlets through out the UK, Continental Europe and North American bringing our unique high quality bespoke service to all, with a possible move in to Asia 2015.

In the UK we have aimed for roughly one outlet per county and are presently developing new ranges for 75% of our target; whilst having secured one in Eastern United States, Canada and nearer to home Paris and Vienna. As a small company of highly skilled craftspeople we will only be placing our products with a select number of outlets and have no wish to expand any further in the future.

Stephen has now returned from working on an in situ carving project near Milan and after a short break is back carving. We are currently working on a range of fire surrounds in Portland stone, Cotswold & Bath stone, Carrara & Nero Marquina marble, Welsh slate and a special bespoke piece using two very rare British stones, Athelstan limestone and Oxford Coral marble, I believe we are the only company to have any stocks of these two stones as the quarries were closed many years ago due to development.

As is usually for this time of year we are also producing finials, classical and contemporary urns and an Italian style fountain. We are also in the the early design stages of a 2 metre tall coat of arms in Portland stone for a new building in South Wales.

Last but not least we are looking forward to welcoming our new apprentice in the next few weeks and hope he finds the craft as interesting, demanding and rewarding as we all do.